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The Travel Brokers Travel Professional Janine Thompson - Christchurch

Janine Thompson has an infectious passion for travel which started when her parents moved here from Holland when she was just a girl.

Like most Kiwis Janine couldn’t wait to go on her big OE and at the age of 20 set off on an adventure collecting memories that will last a lifetime. Her diary reads like a Lonely Planet Guide and over the years she has held positions such as Purser on a Cruise Ship on the Rhine, Teaching Travel at a well known Christchurch School as well as 10 years as a Senior Travel Agent. You could not ask a more qualified broker for advice on topics such as Camels in the Desert, Elephants in the Jungle and how to cope after being terrorised by an over eager Vietnamese Tuk Tuk driver.

After starting a family they made the lifestyle choice that Janine should work from home and she is excited to be working with the experienced (and fun) team at Go Holidays. So if your planning a trip overseas…a honeymoon or just want to take the kids to visit Grandma give Janine a call, her experience will make your travel more enjoyable.

Travel Professional Janine Thompson - Christchurch

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Janine Thompson
Rangiora, Christchurch