Travel Broker Testimonials

“What I love about The Travel Brokers brand most, is the colleagues I get to work with and learn from.  There is such a massive talent pool with huge experience within our broker team and everyone I have ever asked for assistance with anything, has been more than happy to help and genuinely wishing me success in my business.  Also the backbone of our team, the support staff are simply incredible!, they are very focused and committed, and always available to assist - testament to this is that they have never gotten angry or condescending to me with even my most stupid questions.
Andrew Welch, Nelson

“I have worked for The Travel Broker brand for eight years now and am 100% happy and satisfied that I am aligned to the best Brokering Brand in New Zealand.  We have effective and efficient support from our back office team and seamless reservation and accounting systems in place.  These factors have enabled me to grow my business and increase my profit and turnover annually whilst providing the outstanding service that my clients expect from our professionally orientated brand.”
Jacqui Currall, Hamilton


“What I like is that most back office admin is done for us which leaves us a lot more time to sell. Also there’s no ADM headaches due to our ticketing entirely done by SMART – this is an advantage other brokers probably don’t have? 
We’re well looked after by TTB management and have fantastic conferences!”
Andrew Prins, Asia Holidays, Auckland

“I have been managing my own business as a Travel Broker for 7 years. Recently I transferred to The Travel Brokers and find them an excellent company to be part of.  They are professional, supportive, great IT back up, excellent systems.”
Pam Hardley, Lynfield, Auckland

"A fantastic group of people, with a vast knowledge on all things travel, and their willingness to share that information with the whole team."
Sue Hammond, Geraldine