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Travel Professional Charlotte Chalman - Gore

My name is Charlotte Chalman, and I have been working in travel on and off for the last 5 years; first as a groups consultant and processor and then moving in to retail travel in 2018. My first 2 years of retail sales I achieved some pretty awesome accolades, I was the only New Zealand finalist in the prestigious Avis Travel Agent Scholarship in 2019, and I won the CLIA Rising Star NZ award in February 2020. I was one of the finalists for Rookie of the Year with another brand but this wasn’t finalised due to COVID.

I’m passionate about cruise and coach and I have an ongoing love affair with European history. I love getting in to the cultural and foodie aspects of where I am visiting and am well versed in traveling alone, with a partner and with children in tow.

With a redundancy due to Covid and both travel agencies in Gore closing, my business partner Kelly and I decided it was a great time to set up our own business to support the people of Gore and the wider Southland area. We’ve had a lot of wonderful support from the locals and we can’t wait to start getting some amazing trips booked for you and help you create some fabulous memories.

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Charlotte Chalman